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About the Performances

Wizard of Odds

Wizard of Odds is a twenty-minute duet choreography by Alito Alessi with Emery Blackwell with original music by Rich Glauber. Inspired by the story The Wizard of Oz, the piece is about two travelers on a journey looking for things they eventually realize they already have. Confrontations, conflict and humor reveal to them that what they see is who they are. The dancers’ journey includes meeting beasts, wheelchairs, tornadoes, wizards, airports, crutches, realizations, friendships and what’s on the other side of the rainbow-which is actually within us.

Wheels of Fortune

In Wheels of Fortune, a duet with dancers breaking down barriers and exploring new avenues of communication between able-bodied and disabled people. The program redefines ideas about what dance is and proves that creative movement is for everyone. Two dance pieces are presented where both dancers playfully overturn wheelchairs, crutches and expectations.

Tango Tango

Both performances include a second piece entitled Tango Tango and the performance is followed by a question-and-answer period, providing an opportunity for students to ask about the everyday life of people with disabilities.

About the Artists

Alito Alessi

Alito Alessi is the Artistic Director and founder of the DanceAbility method. Alessi has been involved with the evolution of contemporary dance for the past 20 years and is internationally known as a pioneering teacher and choreographer in the fields of Contact Improvisation and dance and disability.

Emery Blackwell

Emery Blackwell is a choreographer, musician, composer, and dance teacher who has cerebral palsy. He has been involved in promoting civil rights for people with disabilities since he was a teenager. He is also a visual artist, creating computer graphics which he draws by using a foot-controlled mouse.

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