“I often saw especially people with disabilities changing parts of their self-concept, suddenly feeling proud of their ablilities, enjoying their bodies. When they experienced a wider range of choice–making while dancing, they often became more assertive about their independence in other parts of their life.”

∼Beate Schmitt

Certified DanceAbility Teacher

“We people with handicaps are not used to people loving our bodies. Normally what you learn as handicapped people is that people are looking at what is missing, what doesn’t work, and nobody is looking at what is here and what we can do. So this work really supports a different view than what most people have. That’s the most important thing I learned from the work you are doing: you are looking for what is here and then you are doing something with that. You give people back love for their bodies, and do that by moving, by playing and developing more possibilitiesto move.”

~ workshop participant

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The Joint Forces Dance Company video gallery is the place to see Joint Forces in action. The short video clips in the viewer below feature the work of DAI in different parts of the world and give you a chance to see how the method works in practice. Toggle the ‘Playlist’ in the lower right corner of the viewer to access our entire library of streaming videos.

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