“The beauty of dancing with people who really appreciate the simple ability to move!
After spending the past twenty-two years with dancers, I’ve become pretty jaded; in the DanceAbility workshop I was in a sea of people lapping up movement, and I found myself appreciating not only my own functionality but even more so the basic sensation of movement, not clouded by aesthetic concern or performance worries.”

∼Workshop Participant,

Able bodied professional dancer.

DanceAbility Store

Welcome to our Joint Forces Dance Company/ DanceAbility International Store The following DVD’s are available of some of our most memorable performances and workshops. They are inspiring and educational. We can also provide VHS video or PAL video (the European standard) on request. We are happy to offer a 10% discount if you order three or more videos at a time. We can mail DVD’s anywhere in the world at a low cost. Please email us to tell us which DVD titles and quantities you want, and what country you live in. We accept payment through PayPal as well as by check, etc.

Our Three Best-Sellers:

  • All Bodies Speak
    $35.00 (limited-time promotional price) (/$60 Institutions and professionals)
    Created: 2000
    Length: 58 minutes
    Dancers: Alito Alessi and Emery Blackwell

“Striking. Extraordinary. [Their] spirit lights up [their] action and face.” -Steve Paxton, initiator of contact improvisation

This video features five pieces of different lengths choreographed by DanceAbility founder Alito Alessi. Three are danced by Alessi and Blackwell; two are solos by Blackwell, who has cerebral palsy. In these pieces, the dancers break down barriers and explore new avenues of communication between people with and without disabilities. The video redefines ideas about what dance is and proves that creative movement is for everyone. The dancers playfully overturn wheelchairs, crutches and expectations. See our Choreography and Presentations page for descriptions of several of the pieces: Wheels of Fortune, From There and Back Again, and Tango Tangle. Two of the pieces include music composed and played by Emery Blackwell using a synthesizer adapted to be played with his feet.

  • Common Ground
    $35.00 (limited-time promotional price) (/$60 Institutions and professionals)
    Created: 1988
    Length: 20 minutes
    Winner: Silver Apple Award at the U.S. National Educational Film & Video Festival

This 20 minute documentary video shows men and women with varying abilities who explore creative movement through a dance form called contact improvisation. Through insightful interviews and strong personal expressions on the dance floor, the participants open new avenues of communication between people with and without disabilities.

  • Joy Lab Research
    $35 (limited-time promotional price) (/$60 Institutions and professionals)
    Created: 2007
    Length: 80 minutes plus bonus material
    Choreography: Alito Alessi
    Dancers: Ten Brazilian dancers

This evening long performance was choreographed for a group of ten dancers with and without disabilities in Brazil. The choreography proposal and Alito’s career acheivements won him a Guggenheim Fellowship. Dynamic solos, soulful duets, and moving quartets are woven in among playful and reverent ensemble sections. Crutches fly and stand on their own like a forest or a metaphor. Madmen cavort with circus contraptions made of wheelchairs. A mythic woman invites power and mystery. We are all researchers of community and guides of play and wisdom in the Joy Lab. Bonus material includes a slideshow of Gil Grossi photos of the performance, 60 minutes of highlights of a Street Parade Performance in the Sao Paulo SESC Cultural Centre, a photo slideshow of the Street Parade, and rehearsal footage from the creation process of Joy Lab Research.

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