“Everybody is challenged on his or her own level of experience and is treated equally. In that way a big or small movement is relative to the person, and everybody can translate a movement of another body into his or her own cells. And the more varied the bodies and experiences the more exciting and rich the kinds of possibilities. With that understanding a wheelchair is no longer a symbol of being disabled; instead it widens the movement possibilities and adds new chapters in the language of dance: a woman choreographing with her eyes, a man dancing with his walking sticks, etc.”

∼Beate Schmitt

Certified DanceAbility Teacher

Joint Forces Past Events

2008 Events


  • May 1-4: DanceAbility Workshop in Mexico City.
    Producer: Rosana Padilla
    rgpl76@yahoo.com.mx »
  • May 6-10: DanceAbility Workshop in Mexico City.
    Escuela Nacional de Danza Nellie y Gloria Campobello
    Producer: Leticia Peñaloza - click here to conact »
    Telephone: 00-52-55-55-897-674
  • May 12-18: DanceAbility Workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Producer: Danza Sin Limites
    Telephone: 00-54-911-5183-731
    marinagubbay@arnet.com.ar »
  • May 20-25: DanceAbility Workshop in Puerto Madryn, Argentina.
    Producer: Lourdes Irupe Barrera
    blimar_@hotmail.com »
  • May 26-31: DanceAbility Workshop in Montevideo, Uruguay.
    Producer: Florencia Martinelli
    fpower@internet.com.uy »


  • June 12-18: DanceAbility and Contact Improvisation Workshops at CI36 in Pennsylvania.
    Juniata College, United States
    www.ci36.com »

July - August

  • July 27 - August 10: Alito will attend ImPulsTanz, and teach the following workshops: One Week DanceAbility, Contact Improvisation, and Bodywork. He will also be doing private coaching with a young Artist-in-Residence, Gabri Einsiede.
    To enroll in classes, visit the festival website: www.impulstanz.com » (English and German language site).
    Telephone: 43-1-523-55-58
    office@tanzwochen.at »
    www.impulstanz.com »



  • September 8-9: DanceAbility Performance for Diversity Conference in Salem, Oregon, for Oregon Department of Human Services, Department of Transportation and Employment Department.
  • September 15-18: Alito teaches in Oulu, Finland at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Only open to university students.
  • September 22-26: Alito teaches DanceAbility and Bodywork in Kirkkonummi, Finland.
    Contact: Gunilla Sjövall and Pauliina Lappi-Ruhanen » of Tanssiryhmä Pauliinauru & Co. - Dance Group Pauliinauru & Co.


  • October 17th: Youth Outreach Performance Maple Elementary School, Springfield, Oregon.


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