Bodywork Workshop

In this workshop, Alito Alessi, choreographer, dancer, and Licensed Massage Therapist teaches bodywork preparation, application, and integration, including techniques for alignment of the shoulders, neck, spine and pelvis combined with cranial sacral work.

Breath and movement are used as a physical awareness preparation for hands-on partner-work, to facilitate movement toward the balance of structural, energetic and muscular expression. A hands-on approach is used to cultivate a responsive, listening attitude to identify each person’s unique healing qualities and to assist others in identifying that which inhibits the physical, mental and emotional aspects of alignment.

The intention is to increase understanding about the concepts of strength, stretch and release, and the ability to listen to our bodies’ messages, which we often ignore, and to deepen our intuition.

Working together, participants will become aware of what their bodies are telling them but are often dismissed.

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